Texas Kicker was purchased in 1988 as a yearling from his breeders Lou & Wanda Waters. We had owned and been very successful with several offspring of Colonel Freckles and were very fond of their conformation, mind, and versatility. When LA Waters, owners of Colonel Freckles, dispersed their breeding program following the death of Colonel Freckles in 1987, we made an effort to find what we thought was his best son. Texas Kicker fit that description to a tee. Dick rode him to the title of AQHA World Champion Junior Reining Horse three years after his purchase as a yearling. His score in the finals was an amazing 228, which held as a record high score until just several years ago.

Texas Kicker had a unique style to his stop in an era when many horses stopped high headed. "He could stop prettier and further than any horse I've ever ridden" according to Dick. His topline was so natural that he carried his head and neck very level and had a collected look totally naturally, without ever using any equipment or training methods to alter his natural carriage. He also had so much strength through his back, hip, stifle and belly conformation that he could hold that stopping position for a tremendously long way and always stayed upright in his withers and was very loose in front. Since this was such an easy and natural position for him to achieve, he was always smooth and free feeling to ride to a stop and easy to train to turn around rapidly and correctly.

In Texas Kicker's younger days, we didn't have the many cattle pens that we have now, so he was often used for doctoring and any other normal "ranch gelding" duties. He excelled at everything we asked him to do. He could run as fast to a cow as anything you ever sat on. You could heel a heifer in the broodmare pasture, doctor her and know that he would never move a muscle until you stepped back on and asked him to move forward. If a mare came up to him, he knew he was at work and paid her no mind. Prior to having the breeding facilities that we now have, during the first few years of Texas Kicker's breeding career, he did it all. Brenda would pony broodmares with him, halter break and pony weanlings. Dick used him at brandings and every form of ranch work. He also doubled as a great "guest horse" if we had someone visit that needed a smooth, safe ride.

Many of his foals have excelled in the reining pen, however his true mark as sire has been his ability to sire horses that are extremely intelligent and competitive in cattle events, speed events, and ranch work. They are very balanced, correct horses that have his smooth gait, level topline and beautiful conformation.

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