Congratulations to Playgun's latest champion at the 2010 NCHA Super Stakes.

2010 NCHA Super Stakes Ltd Non-Pro CHAMPION
Ridden & Owned by Karey Franz

Dick and Brenda Pieper share several crucial ingredients that have greatly contributed to their success in the horse industry. Both grew up with passion for the study of equine conformation and behavior.

Born in southern Ontario, Canada, Brenda Pieper grew up surrounded by horses of all breeds with grandparents who earned their living in the farming and horse industry. Her exposure to horse activities ranged from draft breeds to hunters, jumpers, dressage and later western events. For Brenda, the love and study of horses has been a long time obsession.

Dick Pieper was born on a family farm in Southern Ohio near the city of Portsmouth. The farming operations consisted of raising cattle, sheep and horses where both draft horses and saddle horses were used on a daily basis. After high school, Dick attended Ohio State University and served a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy while spending every spare moment he could find riding and training everything available. His passion for horses overshadowed all other activities ..... read more

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